Podcast – Auto Car Truck Maintenance

Palmer’s Auto Care Podcast – Master Mechanic Sharing Auto Repair and Maintenance Tips

The Auto Care Podcast is presented by master auto technician Neil Palmer Jr. and automotive podcaster Dave Eastman. It gives you the inside story about auto car maintenance services. Neil gives explanations about maintaining your vehicles air conditioning, brakes, engine, cooling systems, electrical systems and transmissions.

Twice a month Neil and Dave share auto repair tips and advice to help you with your car care decisions. Learn how to decreased repair costs by understanding which services save you money. If you’re eager to know the secret to extending your car or trucks life, reducing auto repair expenses, then this is the show for you.

It doesn’t matter if you drive a Toyota, Chevrolet, or Ford. They all need maintenance services to keep them running reliably. With the precision machining being used during manufacture, cars require fluids that meet high standards.

Fluids must be changed when they are due to avoid breakdowns. Palmer’s Auto Care Podcast helps you understand why services are needed and describes what happens when services are not done.

Automotive Car & Truck Maintenance by Honest Mechanics in Kimberly ID

Our mechanics at the Vehicle Service Center (VSC) look your vehicle over and identify any immediate maintenance or repair concerns. We know early detection can save you money on car repairs. Our oil change mechanics know your vehicle and the type of fluids required to meet your vehicle’s OEM standards.

Professional maintenance mechanics install quality NAPA parts and filters that will keep your vehicle on the road and performing as designed. Our honest service mechanics maintain hundreds of cars and light trucks like yours.

We understand many Magic Valley drivers use their vehicle to drive to work and back. We also know many of us leave Twin Falls for weekends to enjoy the Idaho backcountry.

You can trust your auto to get you there and back safely. You can trust us to help you keep your vehicle safe and reliable. It doesn’t matter the type of vehicle you drive, Subaru, Honda, Dodge, or GMC. We can help you with your auto car and truck maintenance.

If you’re looking for an honest oil change service shop near you in Kimberly or Twin Falls give us a call (208) 423-9955. Our location in Kimberly gives easy access to the highways in and around Twin Falls County.