Kimberly Oil Change Service

Oil Change Services are One of Your Vehicles Most Important Services

Today’s engines need frequent oil change services to keep the oil flowing through small oil passages that feed computer controlled solenoids. To maintain the best power and fuel economy these new engines must be clean and well lubricated. Pressures on engines pistons can be 2000 pounds while temperatures can get to 4000 degrees. Engine oils must lubricate moving parts at high speeds for thousands of miles.

At the Vehicle Service Center when we change your vehicles engine oil we install the oil that meets or exceeds the automaker’s standards. Some cars use conventional oil while many newer or performance cars need synthetic engine oil. These synthetic oils are more resistant to breakdown under high temperatures and resist sludge deposit buildup in the crankcase and small oil passages.

Many car manufacturers like Toyota, Subaru, Chevrolet, require synthetic oils on some of their models. Synthetic oils are better than standard or blended engine oils. Oil change mileage intervals are extended when using synthetic oils to a range of 5,000 to 7,000 miles, compared to the 3,000 mile standard that has been around for years.

Oil Change Service by Experienced Maintenance Mechanics

One of the main benefits of having your oil changed at the Vehicle Service Center (VSC) is the knowledge and experience of our mechanics. We look your vehicle over and identify any immediate maintenance or repair concerns because we know early detection can save you money on repairs. Our quick lube shop In Kimberly has oil change mechanics that know your vehicle and the type of fluids required to meet OEM standards.

Some franchise quick lube shops have reputations for over selling services. Our VSC mechanics are trained and screened to insure ethical standards. We follow the NAPA AutoCare Automotive Code of Ethics. Before we recommend a part replacement or service we ask ourselves, “Is this REALLY necessary?” If it’s not we don’t recommend it!

Our mission and ethical conduct also comes from our sister shop Palmer’s Automotive Repair. They have been a NAPA AutoCare Center since 1997. Their professionalism and skills in repairing cars and light trucks in Twin Falls has established them as a premier auto repair shop in Magic Valley.

We save you money because we will never sell you anything your vehicle doesn’t need, and we will catch problems before they expand to larger more expensive failures.

Our professionals install quality NAPA parts and filters that will keep your vehicle on the road and performing as designed. Our recommended oil change intervals of 3,000 to 5,000 miles are designed to allow us to inspect your vehicle regularly to help you avoid breakdowns.

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking short trips near downtown Twin Falls and Hansen, or taking longer trips around Twin Falls County. Our professional quick oil change service will help keep your vehicle dependable and help insure safe driving for you and your family.

Whatever your vehicle type Honda, Ford, or GMC it has become clear that engine oil services are more critical than ever for keeping your vehicle operating reliably. If your engines crankcase gets dirty due to lack of oil changes or poor quality engine oil we can help with engine crankcase cleaners from BG Products Inc.

If you are looking for an experienced oil change service shop near you in Kimberly ID give us a call (208) 423-9955. Our central location near main roads in Kimberly and easy access to the highways makes us close to any Twin Falls County location.